Artist Lillian Farag

Meet Lillian

Lillian Farag is a textile-focused artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her bright color palettes, organic shapes, and floral motifs constantly inspire us here in the Toot art department. In fact, our whole company loves her work so much, we reached out to her about a collaboration. And guess what... she said yes!

Artist Lillian Farag designed leather wallets with hand painting details.
Artist's studio with paint and brushes and hand painted leather wallets in the foreground.
Watercolor paintings of abstract florals and tropical fauna.

You can find Lillian's art all over the place. Papyrus, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Barnes & Noble are just a few of the brands that carry her work. But some of her most inspiring products are located on her website
. On all of her marbled products, she paints directly onto leather tote bags, leather pouches, and leather wallets, all by hand. They are truly BEAUTIFUL. Which got us thinking... we can print her work on our own textiles!

Enter the collaboration of Lillian Farag and Talking Out Of Turn. Lillian painted these beautiful tropical flora motifs that we are obsessed with! We printed them on our animal-friendly vegan leather and used them to create a collection of cute tote bags and colorful pencil pouches as part of our Tropics Collection. We are overjoyed at this collection and grateful to have worked with Lillian. We can't wait for future collaborations with her!


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Who Should We Collaborate With Next?

Do you obsess over artists like we do? Who has been inspiring you lately?! We want to know! Reach out or tag us on Instagram @talkingoutofturn to show us your fave artists. Stay inspired babes!

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Artist Lillian Farag


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