Astrology Collection

Multicolored astrology stickers with sparkles scattered around the zodiac sign name. Stickers displayed are Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Lady holding a white tumbler with a colorful
Non-Packaged Individual Astrology Stickers
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A Aquarius Zodiac Enamel Pin with pink lettering and a lighter pink background. Perimeter lining of pin is in mint, light pink, and tan. Pin also has sparkle stars around "Aquarius." A Capricorn Enamel Pin in yellow lettering with a dark mauve background. Perimeter lining of pin is mint, pastel orange, pastel pink, and lilac.
Astrology Enamel Pins


A collection of multicolored Astrological sign notebooks with a cream colored background and simple stars printed diagonally across the cover from the upper left corner, going down to the lower right corner. Assortment of colorful astrology themed note books in three spiral stacks.
Astrology Notebooks
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Collage of all 12 astrological signs on 12 different clear glass mugs Astrology Clear Glass Mug - Aquarius
Astrology Clear Glass Mug


Soy Candle in Rocks Glass Zodiac Sign Variety Candle rocks glass with bright blue-to-pink ombre decal and text that reads
Candle Rocks Glass - Astrology
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