Canvas Totes

A woman appears to be meditating with her hands together. A coral color canvas tote bag with the text printed "Free Yo Mind" is hanging from her hands. Canvas-material tote bags with phrases printed on the front such as,
Canvas Main Squeeze


Brunette girl in denim jacket holding a denim tote bag with i melt with you double ice cream cones print. Three canvas tote bags; beachwash denim with so many feelings print, peach with grid pattern, and blush pink with eyeballs pattern.
Canvas Daily Grind Tote
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5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)


A woman stands in a washed denim shirt with a pink and yellow striped crossbody tote to her side. Four cute tote bags; pink with yellow stripes, light gray with gray macaroni, peach with red stripes, and black with white macaroni pattern.
Canvas Puddlejumper Tote
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3.5 Stars (2 Reviews)

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Girl in white sneakers holding a gray and white striped canvas duffel bag. One gray canvas duffel bag with stripes and one canvas duffel bag with peach stripes and straps.
Canvas Darling Duffel


Girl in a denim jacket holding a cute canvas tote bag in light denim with daydreamers club design. Cute tote bag in light wash denim with Daydreamers Club rainbow design.
Day Dreamers Club Daily Grind


Cute tote bag in beachwash denim canvas with peach zippered top and double shoulder straps. Cute tote bags in light denim with peach pixie sticks and peach canvas with navy blue pixie sticks.
Canvas Weekender