Welcome to Talking Out Of Turn!

We've learned a few things since opening our own flagship store this year! With the opening of our store, we are able to relate to our retail partners more than ever.

We understand that merchandising different products can become a challenge, that is why we want to give you the best tips and tricks to show off our products in your stores. Make it cute! We love to see the ways stores merch our products but if you feel stuck, feel free to use some of these ideas to spice up your displays.

We've added tips from how we merch, to what collections play well together, to where you can purchase some of our favorite items! Play around and let us know what works best for you! We'd love to see.

Tip 1. Show them the goods

People are curious by nature! We find that opening anything that might come in one of our soft-touch boxes is helpful and makes for a great display. Pop open a Selfie Care Kit and Desk Set to show off what's inside! We especially like to pop-out the items in the selfie care kits to better showcase what all comes inside. Place it near other like items and you've got a display that people interact with and understand.


Our Selfie-Care kits also come with cute Toot Tissue paper so opening them for display is super easy!


Pro-Tip: Chances are someone is buying this as a gift. Be sure to let your customer know there is a card included for them to fill out for the person they are gifting it to. If you are wrapping this box for them, don't wrap the card up with it!

Tip 2. Show its real use

Some times the easiest way to style something is by showing how it will literally be used! Styling a small writing table with our desksets, notebooks, pens, pencils, and more makes this concept come to life! It's so simple and can easily be changed out as the seasons change.


We also find that opening up a planner and setting on the desk allows people to leaf through and makes the display even more interactive. This is a huge plus since our notebooks and planners come in sealed poly bags.


Pro Tip: Use the desk drawers as well! We find people love to open them up anyway, so why not stuff them with pen packs, washi tape, or stickers!


This desk is from IKEA: Lillasen

Tip 3. Pair em' up

In our experience merching booths for shows, and now our own store, we have found that certain collections pair well with other collections on the shelf. Sometimes they become the "mayonnaise" to make an entire collection work that much better.

We find that these collections generally play well:

Metallics Gold & Mutey Fruity Collection

Ice Cream Social & Pom Poms 

Indigo Dreams & Confetti

*Canvas generally plays well with like colors

Give it a try! You might find that adding additional items brings a collection to the next level.

Tip 4. One bag, several ways

Our Twist & Shouts are praised for their abilities to be versatile and nimble- and that goes for how they merch as well!

We love to tuck these guys into every nook & cranny, hang them for display, and toss them into baskets for a full look. Our favorite way to display their size is to hang them with simple gold hooks, then use our best Ikea shelf, the Mosslanda, to place their corresponding pattern/colors right next to them. All three folded sizes fit on one Mosslanda shelf! Fill jars, vases, baskets, or drawers with these guys!


Pro Tip: Short on space? Throw additional Twist and Shouts into the open hanging bags!  

Tip 5. Pen Bar & Frames

Pen Bar:

Create a "Pen Bar" for the win! We found a long time ago that creating an eye-catching pen bar display was the way to go. Group colors together in a rainbow fashion, create different color moods, or make a pattern and see your pen bar come to life! Pen bar items are our top sellers in our store and customers love the interactive quality. Since everyone's going to try your pens anyway, why not create a space just for that!

Framed Prints:

Art prints have done shockingly well in our store. One thing we do to set ourselves apart is offer to frame them. People love leaving the store with the work already done for them! Show customers how to style art prints with a collage of frames. It will inspire them to try it out at home!

Pro-Tip: Don't have a built in counter for a pen bar? No worries! The Vittsjo shelf from Ikea is the perfect height. That is what we use for our showroom pen bars.

Tip 6. When in doubt, bar cart!

We absolutely love using bar carts in all of our booths and now, in our store as well. Several of our items play well with a classic bar cart and we can't help dressing them up for a classy look.

Throw stacks of Rocks and Pint glasses in their pretty packaging, then open some up for people to pick up. Add Wanda Wine Totes with empty wine bottles, a set of Dripsy Coasters, and an ice bucket for looks and you've got a full bar cart!

Don't love a bar cart in the traditional sense? Why not try a Coffee Cart? Same concept but fill er' up with a stack of any of our many mugs, add in any coffee accessory for looks, and throw in a faux pastry and you've got a perfect Coffee Cart!

Pro Tip: We love hanging our Can Coolers from hooks off the side of the cart too! The holes in their packaging make them the perfect side kick.

This is the Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm.

Tip 7. Go for new heights!

As with any merchandising, adding height to a merch table works wonders for displaying your product. We feel the same and love to use this tactic with our mugs.

Our mugs are quite popular and we have found that adding plenty in large towers and stacks actually helps with their sales! People find them irresistible and are more inclined to grab one or two if they see plenty of them available. Plus, a stack of mugs is so eye-catching!

We also suggest adding tissue paper or clear iridescent cello paper to the top mug for added pizazz and flair.

Pro Tip: Color coordinate your mugs with your surrounding product for added cohesiveness.

Tip 8. Full Steam ahead!

When it comes to any of our Pom Pom or Confetti collection, we know that the shipping process can make these guys come a little pressed. We have found it helpful to steam them to prevent further wrinkles!

For display, hanging them either from a hook on the wall, or a bag stand on a table makes them keep their form and shape much longer and prevents them from hard wrinkle lines!

Warmer weather and/or being in direct sunlight can cause them to wilt, so stuffing them properly or hanging them will make them look their best!


Pro Tip: We like to use airfill to fill the bottom of sitting bags and then add a little bit of iridescent cellophane tissue paper to the tops! Voila, ready to be gifted!

Tip 9. Details, Details!

We all know about those register impulse buys and we're here for them! Little trinkets near the register are always a good idea for those looking for a little gift.

We recommend filling any clear glass cylinder with enamel pins, stickers, or scrunchies for that last minute add ins!

Jewelry stands are another favorite. Our beloved Penny Key Rings hang easily off and make a cute display all on their own.


Pro Tip: Vases, bowls, and jars work well! We purchased our clear cylinder vases at IKEA.

Tip 10. Pretty Packaging for the win!

The last tip has everything to do with packaging! We pride ourselves in unique, cute, and eye-catching packages and we know that our customers love it.

Customers don't often know that the mugs come in cute, soft-touch boxes so we highly recommend displaying your mugs with a few mug boxes near them. At the Toot store, we stack mugs boxes near the stacks of mug towers so that customers can see what their items will be wrapped in.

Most of our packaging has funny and sassy writing on it. Feel free to display it front and center. Our Washi tapes are best-sellers for their cute tiny boxes, and our Face Stone Rollers do well with their sassy sayings. Our enamel pins each come with a cute backer card that makes the presentation that much sweeter.

We recommend placing any cute packaging at the forefront of your display so customers can get a feel for what they'll be taking home!


Pro Tip: Socks can either lay flat or hang by their hooks! At Christmastime, try hanging socks off a Christmas tree or garland!

We really hope that any of these tips works for you and your space! As always, feel free to share what works for you on social! We'd love to see.