August Plan with Toot

It feels like we're seeing mushroom doodles everywhere! How could you resist drawing them - they're just so cute! This month, we're channeling cottage-core, forest-y vibes for our bullet journal spread.

If you’re planning to journal along with us, here is a list of the supplies used for this spread:

                  Cover Page

This might be one of our favorite cover pages, like, ever! We wrote August in cursive across the center of the page, then added little accent lines next to each letter's downstroke. This little detail gives some movement to the letters, which we love. Above the month, we doodled a little mushroom patch with 3 mushrooms and a tiny snail friend to keep us company while we journal!

Calendar Page

For our calendar page, we’re going with the usual square calendar, but this month we are rounding the corners. Each day is 4x4 dots, and the calendar is 7 boxes across and 5 boxes down. At the bottom of the page is another mushroom patch and our snail friend. The 2 large mushrooms have empty stems to hold our monthly goals and reminders. Snailed it!

The Extras

We're putting our habit trackers and brain dump into one page. For the habit trackers, we have 4 mini calendars - of course, if you'd like to track more or less than this, edit it to your liking! The mini calendars are 2 dots by 2 dots, with 7 boxes across and 7 boxes down. To separate the habit trackers and brain dump, we doodled another mushroom patch with our snail pal 🐌

Weekly Spread

The last page in our spread is the weekly page. This weekly we went with an 8 box grid which allows plenty of space for each day of the week, as well as an extra box for random thoughts, doodles, or notes. Each day of the week is highlighted with a squiggle line that reminds us of a little worm. 🐛

That’s it! Your August mushroom bujo spread is ready for all your big plans this month. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and TikTok using the hashtag #PlanWithToot in your spread recreations. More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial on this spread!

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August Plan with Toot


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