Beat the Winter Blues with Toot!

We at Toot like to think of November as the Thursday of the year. We’re so close to the “weekend” of the Holidays, it seems that this period is like a “limbo” - iykyk - where we’re preparing for the new year - we can kinda glaze over - so make sure you’re taking time for you. Even when we just want to curl up in a ball and hide from the winter blues, we try to find fun, colorful, optimistic ways to stay upbeat!

Here are a few…

1. Practice Joyful Movement

Turn your exercise into “joyful movement,” which removes the connotations that exercising and working out usually hold. Joyful movement allows you to decide how you get your body moving. This includes dancing, walking, running, anything that gets your body in motion, just without having to track numbers, weight, size, etc.  We love to go for bestie walks with our friends, have dance parties in the living room, or enjoy a few laps at the skating rink - but don’t forget to hydrate!

2. Consider Journaling

Journaling can be a great way to connect with your emotions. You can even have fun choosing a journal that fits your vibe so that you’re excited to write in it everyday! If you’re stumped on what to write about, you can always look up journaling prompts to find that little nudge.

3. Prioritize Your Social Life

No one can cheer you up quite like your besties can! When the gloomy weather is getting to you, pick up the phone and text your friends! Our friends love coming up with fun activities or themes to center our hangouts around. For example, we love having “Charcuterie Sundays” where we all bring charcuterie supplies like interesting cheeses, meats, and then plate it all up real fancy-like! Or, plan a Selfie Care night to wind down and recharge.

So let’s beat the winter blues together by enjoying the bright days we do get. Because don’t forget, the sun and warmth will be back soon enough, and when we’re sweating our asses off, there is no doubt we will be dreaming of cooler days like these!
        *** Reminder: There is always someone there to help you on this emotional rollercoaster and don’t be afraid to reach out!***
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Beat the Winter Blues with Toot!


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