Toot Holiday Gift Guide 2022


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re so excited to share our 2022 gift guide, complete with the Toot-iest gifts for every unique person in your life. We’ve put together some gift sets featuring our favorite items from Toot, and we hope you’re able to find some inspiration for this gifting season!

For the person in your life that is always protecting their aura


No bad vibes here, people. Light our Fuck Your Bad Vibes can glass candles and journal about it (with our fan favorite jotter pens, of course)!


For the person who always says “I’m gonna get my shit together this coming year!”


Our 2023 dated goal getter planner is the planner they never knew they needed but will absolutely love! Choose from 4 different cover designs and be sure to complete the gift with encouraging clear glass mug, jotter pens, and washi tape rolls! If knowing when to start the planner is too difficult of a task, opt for our classic undated goal getter and they can start whenever they want!


For the person who's always on the go


You most likely can't reach them because they're taking a quick trip to their favorite city, or going off the grid for a week. Whatever the case, they deserve to have some cute travel accessories! A Stowaway to throw over their suitcase handles, a doppelganger to pack some makeup or toiletries in, and of course a set of scrunchies to throw their hair up on long travel days!


For the person who loves a good "four-lettered" word


We've got PLENTY for them. Candles, mugs, totes - you name it! Our favorites are the Shit Fuck Damn clear glass mug, So Fucking Over It candle , and Over It AF tote bag. When words fail, Toot items speak.


For your ride or die


Show your bestie just how much they mean to you! Grab them a Selfie Care Kit that comes with all the things they need to feel loved, along with a candle, and cute heart shaped enamel pin!


For the Festive AF one


Our holiday collection was made for them. Grab them this Festive AF candle that smells like sangria and sparkly dresses, some cutie Twist and Shout bags to throw their presents in, and a Cuddlebug (or two!) for decorating their home to host the best holiday party!


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Toot Holiday Gift Guide 2022


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