Toot Gift Guide: Dallas Local Small Businesses

Believe it or not, but sometimes we even need a change of scenery. While we love our pink store, we also love to venture out to support other small businesses. Especially Locally Owned Small Businesses! That is why we are dedicating a whole gift guide to local small businesses we personally love and think should get some extra love this holiday season!

Mosaic Makers

Mosaic Makers offers some of Dallas’ best high-quality handmade female-designed goods, perfect for special gifts. They offer a wide selection of empowering graphic tees, funny greeting cards, handmade jewelry, quirky stickers, and unique gifts for everyone on your list. One of our favorite items is the Worthy Co. Diffusers. They are perfect for making your space smell great and for helping you wind down.

Favor the Kind

Another business we love is Favor the Kind. A “home, gift, and apparel boutique based in Dallas, Texas,” that has also impressively expanded outside of Dallas! You can be sure to find fun, playful items perfect for all your besties. Our pick from this shop is a Disco Ball Tree Topper because, is it really a TOOT pick if it doesn't include a disco ball? Seriously so fun!


Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon is a store neighbor of our’s that we absolutely adore! Their minimalist aesthetic is soothing and the store makes you feel a sense of calm. Items that we particularly enjoy are their Dainty Hoops and the Everything is Going to be Ok Shirt. The Dainty Hoops are a perfect addition to any outfit, casual or formal, and the Graphic T-Shirt is comfy and cute, a combination we will always love.



Another store neighbor that we love! DLM Supply has a great range from clothes to home decor to pet items! One item we particularly love is the Harry Styles: And The Clothes He Wears book because we aren’t immune to the English Musician here at TOOT. Get this book for all the fashion icons on your list!


This plant shop is known for one-of-a-kind gifts, beautiful plants, and their famous DIY plant bar…a seriously fun afternoon activity.   Any plant lover's paradise! Jade&Clover welcomes walk-ins, but does require reservations for parties over 5 people. Go flex that green thumb!

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Toot Gift Guide:  Dallas Local Small Businesses


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