Artist Viv Jordan

If there’s one thing we adore at Talking Out of Turn, it’s the love for a good old hand lettering! I mean, just check out our Instagram feed! Well, that and partnering with local artists, especially super-cool, way too much fun, down-to-Earth babes like Dallas hand-lettering queen, Viv Jordan!
That’s why we squeeeealed when Viv said she could be part of an event at our pop-up location. This past weekend Viv came to our shop and hand-lettered pencil pouches, tote bags, coffee mugs and other cute stuff for customers!

It was so great and just take a look at her work- beautiful. Viv’s work makes our cute pencil pouches, and canvas pen pouches just that much cuter! Plus her hand lettering skills will have you majorly impressed! (Psst...she teaches classes!)

Thank you, Viv!! It was so much fun! We can’t wait to do it again.

If you haven’t checked out Viv Jordan Studio, go do it right now. Viv teaches hand lettering, has a cute card line, and is a LEFTIE! That’s right all you lefties out there. If Viv can do it, there’s hope for you after-all!

Posted By: Cari A.
Queen of the DIY & Toot Project Manager
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