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Cute tradeshow booth filled with Toot products like cute tote bags, pencil pouches, and more!

National Stationery Show &
New York Now 2019

It's officially been ONE YEAR since we launched our brand, y'all! What did we do to celebrate? Oh, nothing really... just showcased simultaneously at the National Stationery Show and the New York Now Winter show! It was a party and we had tons of favors (ahem, tote bags) to give away.
Walking through the combined shows was INCREDIBLE. The Javits Center, which is already huge, was packed to the brim with some of the brightest, most passionate, & talented people in the retail gift industry. I'm in awe every time we go to tradeshows in New York, but this time was particularly impressive due to the sheer size of the event. We may have been working at this product game for a year, but it is still incredible to be included in spaces and shows of this nature.
So, without further ado, here are some photos from another successful trip to showcase our latest products in New York City! :)

National Stationery Show

The NSS booth was pretty small but we embraced the challenge to display our stationery items in this unusual space. For this booth we focused on the stationery side of our products and showcased our letter pressed cards, art prints, brand new notebooks, cute pencil pouches, and our best-selling jotter pens with our amazing rainbow pen bar.

And of course we had those cute tote bags to giveaway! Why should New York Now have all the fun?! We loved our lil' booth and still can't believe we pulled off two amazing the same time!

New York Now

This was our "main" booth, our larger booth that displayed our full collection. We used every nook and cranny of our booth to show our extensive product lineup and to highlight how well our collections display together. (They're friends, duh.) Most of the items are merchandised by like-patterns but so many of our designs blend with one another, opening up even more possibility to mix and match items for different styles and stores. It's a huge line, we know; we wanted to make it easier for our buyers and visitors to catch the vision for what Toot could look like for them. 

Our favorite part of any trade show is running into old friends! It makes all that hard work worth it to be able to share it with your friends! Thank you to everyone who came out our booth! We look forward to catching up with everyone at the next show. :)


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