Spring Clean Your Workspace

There’s something about Spring. Whether it’s the fresh air or the chirping of newborn baby birds, something about the season makes us want to start fresh, get organized, and declutter our lives. Even if Spring still feels a million miles away (here’s looking at you Midwesterners!) you’re probably gearing up for an annual spring cleaning bonanza. This year we’re vowing to make our spring cleaning last all year long. We’re sharing some tips you can use to enjoy a clutter-free work environment, season after season.
How much of the stuff on your desk do you actually use on a regular basis? Clutter can negatively impact your life by increasing distractions, causing stress, and even anxiety for some. Many of us fall into the trap of having too much on our desk, thinking that we’ll need that stack of files, memo book, or collection of old coffee cups within reach at all times. News flash: You don’t!

Essentials Within Reach

Cut out the clutter and keep your desktop stocked with the daily essentials. Our colorful and cute desk sets keep our office essentials within reach, while adding some fun to our otherwise boring desks. With stapler, tape, and a handy tray for holding post-its, paper clips, and a lipgloss (current shade Soft Rose from Milani) our desk sets are as practical as they are cute.

Enough is Enough

Ready to draw a line in the sand and proclaim your commitment to having a neat, clean workspace (hopefully) forever? It all starts by limiting what items get the privilege of staying out in the open. Some items like a cute pencil pouch are essential for work, but other things like your collection of bobble heads might not belong there. Stay true to only keeping what you actually need on your desk and you can enjoy a more minimalist, productivity-inducing workspace. And maybe one bobble head.

Face 'The Drawer'

You know which one we’re talking about. We all have “the drawer” where anything and everything is thrown in and forgotten about. Ask yourself, is there anything in the cluttered drawer that is important to you or useful? If it is, it probably wouldn’t be in “the drawer,” so unless you really want to hold onto those three soy sauce packets and pair of broken headphones, it’s time to purge your junk and keep only what you need. You’ll be surprised how much room is left over!

Declutter your Digital Life

Do you use your email inbox as a to-do list? You're not alone, but just as papers strewn about your desk can be stressful, so can a cluttered inbox. Create a system to organize your emails just as you would papers. Once you clear your inbox and sort every email, replying becomes less daunting, and it's easier to stay on top of everything. You can even do this sorting automatically by adjusting your settings in your inbox. Declutter your mail, declutter your mind. Then get yourself a cute wall calendar to really stay on schedule!

Build the Habit

Finally, the secret to keeping your workspace neat and tidy year-round is to make cleaning a habit. As you shut down your computer for the weekend on Friday afternoon, take a few minutes to tidy up your desk, toss any trash, and disinfect your work area so you can return to a clean desk Monday morning. (Trust us, it makes the Monday drag so much easier to manage!) It only takes a few minutes and is a rewarding way to end the workweek Plus it makes the lull from 4:50 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. go by much faster and you look productive. Top employee baby! Now go treat yourself for all that hard work with a funny coffee mug. Then go ahead and top it off!

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Spring Clean Your Workspace


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