Black Lives Matter

Period. There is no discussion, no back and forth, no negating this truth. While the circumstances that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement have been heartbreaking and downright outrageous, at Toot we recognize that the fight is not solely "out there". We recognize that for there to be real change, it starts in-house. It starts with us.
At Toot, we are vowing to be active listeners to our Black community, friends, neighbors, coworkers.  
We are vowing to support by donating to organizations we feel will further the Black Lives Matter cause and those that are set on building the right foundations for our community.
We are vowing to learn and grow through conversation, amplifying the Black voices, and making space in our hearts for racial reconciliation.
During 6/1 - 6/6, we paused our regular stories and feed to share resources from Black leaders, show support to our local Black community, and share tools to help us all grow and learn. There is so much work to be done and it starts now.

Where we are donating:
All proceeds from this week's sales are going to For Oak Cliff, a local non-profit that works to eliminate systemic oppression in the neighborhood in which our storefront is located. When picking the non-profits that we wanted to get involved with, one of the most important things was picking one that is actively "doing the work." There are a ton of organizations to choose from and deciding has included picking them apart over what supports what, but, at the end of the day, we wanted to choose something more than just a fund, more than a protest, or more than just bailout money. We wanted a group that's willing to get their hands dirty doing the work to ENRICH THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE AND CHILDREN.

While this might not be a super direct source to aid the nation-wide heartbreak at hand, the overall social injustice that is Black people dying at the hands of the police, we believe that this is a fantastic place to get involved with OVERCOMING the root of the problem. Dedicating time and resources to helping underprivileged Black families in our community to overcome the hand that Black people have been dealt by a "system" that has ultimately held them back, is where we feel like we can help bring change.

National Resources
We want to make sure there is a place you can always go to access resources that support the Black community be it through supporting a Black owned business, signing any petition that comes your way, donating and volunteering your time to the movement, or via educating yourself with important books, movies, and podcasts.
Below you will find what we have compiled so far. It is our goal to keep this updated for you moving forward as an ever growing data base so be sure to bookmark us!

Black Lives Matter Resources
Each image is downloadable for you to be able to share on your own social media!

Black Lives Matter Stories Graphics
Each image is downloadable for you to be able to share on your own social media!

The work is not over.

We recognize that the fight for justice is not over, nor was it just a one-week social media phenomenon. That's why we will continue to update this page with resources, graphics, or information as we keep pushing forward for change.


The Toot Family

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Black Lives Matter


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