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Phew! WHAT A WEEK! If you're anything like us here at Toot, we like to get SHIT done! We live for the grind (not just our Daily Grind Tote either!), and lemme tell you, this week feels like it'll go down in our books as one of the most productive Toot weeks (welllll, apart from heading to trade shows, opening pop-ups, or building catalogs)! In other words, it was a good week, my friends.

For starters... WE TURNED TWO!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us and all that jazz! I mean we just looked up and all of a sudden we were TWO. A TON has gone into the making of this company that has now gone from crawling, to walking, and even semi-talking (which you can read all about here and here). But nonetheless, we feel like proud mamas! Has it been hard? You better believe it. Are we excited to keep growing? A thousand times yes. Do we wish we'd done some things differently? That's a trick question! Of course we do and at the same time, we don't because we've learned and grown so much from those moments. So, terrible twos it is. Watch out world; Toot's TWO.

We also launched some exciting stuff:

We like to keep pushing and growing and finding better ways to connect not only to you guys as our customers, but also to the happenings around us! There's always something exciting happening at Toot, whether we're launching a new product, or trying to build a booth, but this week a few different things took place.

We started Reviews on the site! Yup! If you have a favorite product you can now go leave a review and it'll get posted right to our site. What a better way for others to know what's popular and what they should order? It's been a long time coming for this, but we think we waited until just the right time to make it happen.

Give it a try! Whenever you buy a Toot product you'll get an email a few days later asking for a Toot review. You'll even get a 20% off coupon just for leaving a review! It's a pretty sweet deal for you- and a great way for us to know what it is you like, don't like, and what we can work on.

You can get featured on our site! This one feels pretty huge! UGC (user generated content) is something we've been wanting to get into for foreverrr but we haven't had an idea of how to actually incorporate it. It's taken research, actually comparing different platforms and even sitting through different presentations just to figure out how to best do this. What does this mean for you? It means that whenever you buy a cute toot product, take a pic of it, upload it to your insta and tag toot you could be featured on our product page! It's yet another way to make sure you're getting the best out of Toot.

Here's an example from our Face Mask page! Now you get to see just how others are using their masks and what mask might be best for you. It's the beauty of online community and, let us tell you, we're all needing some community right now even if it is online.

So, if you've got a Toot product comin' to you soon we wanna see it! Tag us with @talkingoutofturn or upload it using the uploader on the product page.

You can shop our instagram easier than ever now! We ALL love to shop instagram all.the.time. Now, we've made it so that you can shop straight from the link in our bio! Click the link and it'll take you to all of our products that we've featured in our Instagram posts, already linked up for you to just click and buy. It's soo easy and seamless- we're pretty darn proud of it!

Now scrolling while sleeping in on a Saturday morning is gonna be that much sweeter! Haven't tried it yet? Check it out- it made us do the happy dance!

We mobilized with Mobile Marketing! Emails are great and we've loooved them but we've modernized with Toot Texts (helloooo we're growing up)! We know we're all mostly on our phones anyway, why not make it easier to get coupons, deals, and steals. Txt is the way to go! We've had a slow launch but if you've been on our site recently you may have seen a way to sign up through text AND grab an exclusive coupon. Win-win! Plus, anyone who signs on gets deals meant just for the Text Fam. Big win!

Care to join us?? YAY! If you haven't already, signing up is a breeze! Click HERE to join and you'll automatically receive a 20% discount just for saying sign me up!

WOW! And that's just the digital big-big wins. We also got some new mugs underway (they're so cute you're gonna love them), did the happy dance to see our masks on the American Eagle website (wasssup!), and got the TERRAZZO in at our storefront location! Can I just say again, THIS HAS BEEN A WEEK... and we couldn't be happier.

So, not to toot our own horn... but... oh you get the gist! Now it's time for some MUCH NEEDED R&R (with our weighted neck wrap and eye mask, of course) on this 3-day weekend! Happy day weekend everyone - if you need us we'll be on the lake with our Whiteclaw in its can cooler in one hand and a good ol' hotdog in the other. Now go shop the sale!


The Toot Team

Posted By: Cari A.
DIY Queen & Project Manager
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