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It’s day x,y,z and we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Can it be that we’re actually this far into our stay-at-home orders and that there’s talk of a slow reopening of our state? It seems that way in Texas. When this started, we pivoted, and pivoted hard as a business. And now, as April comes to a close, we are seeing the “benefits” (if that’s even a word we can use), of our hard pivot to making frontline PPE and becoming an essential company. But what now?

If you’re reading this no doubt you’re a Boss Babe, eager to learn, eager to figure out how others did it and how you too can still a) create a quick pivot plan, and b) navigate the unsure waters that lie ahead. Perhaps your state is still hunkering down - here’s to you, Cali!- and you’re still trying to figure out your place in this time. No worries! If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Toot during this time is that it’s about flexibility which is why we want to share our most important take aways from all of this with you!

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5 Pivot Action Steps

1. Flexibility: Being flexible in a time of stress makes you nimble and helps you to think in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t if you try to stick to a firm plan. For us, that meant placing our consumer site first. We noticed that with so many brick and mortars closed, consumers out there were going directly to brands they wanted to support, so we focused on optimizing our consumer side as best we could! Because of our pivot, we also made sure to emphasize items that did not require us to make items that would interfere our production of frontlines PPE.

Boss Babe Action

Find 3 areas in your work you feel could use some flexibility. Brainstorm ways to become less rigid and stuck- offer a little more breathing room for yourself. 

2. BE SENSITIVE TO THE TIMES: If there is one thing that is annoying right now, it’s a post or email that is tone deaf to the current situation. Anyone who’s opened an automated email or seen a scheduled insta post knows what I’m talking about. If you’re a blogger, you especially know what that can be like! It’s never intentional - whoops we forgot that was going out today!- but it still has an effect. We certainly have seen this at Toot. Sure Planoly is literally the best thing ever for a business. Its super easy to let it do the work of scheduling our posts for us and normally, we wouldn’t be able to function without it!! But what happens when that post- which would have been funny in regular times- goes live to your account? People deem you insensitive or tone deaf, and it can work against you. Now is the time to be extra-sensitive EVEN if we are nearing an open economy again. Because sure things may be re-opening, but when 6 million Americans are STILL filing for unemployment every week… chances are, some of your audience is currently out of work. And don’t get us wrong, a little humor is ok…but in moderation.

Boss Babe Action

Check any of your scheduled upcoming email blasts, posts or tweets and ask yourself: is this going to effect my brand negatively? Is this going to be perceived as cold or insensitive to the situation? How can I rework this to offer hope or a sense of sensitivity that I feel? And if you’re a blogger, this can also include things like skipping the unboxing videos and instead sharing money saving tips, things like that.

3. Plan B Automation: Now don’t get us wrong! As we said above, we love using scheduled and preplanned sites to help us get our social media out! We use them ourselves and def say, if you aren’t using one now, you really should! When things are as crazy as they are now it’s easy to forget. Tailoring your communication is key and the use of preplanned grids and scheduled out email blasts can be to your benefit. Your audience will love the continuity and hearing from you consistently. However, as mentioned above, don’t just set your plan and leave it. Be sure you’re staying current with news outlets and tone on social so that you can adjust accordingly!

Boss Babe Action

Check out Planoly or Mailchimp for creating content that can be pushed out!

4. Get lean: Ah yes, we all love that term - leannnn. While we may appreciate it for ourselves, we are talking specifically about ways to cut back- trim the fat, if you will- on areas including budget, time, and resources. We learned quickly that no work means no money and that is no bueno. Instead of lamenting, it became about re-allocating our resources, be it where placed our focus and time to how we spent that next income or even saved it. If you’re a blogger, it may be that you focus most of your time online- but instead of focusing your energies on that summer escape blog post, think about something that makes sense for the times and is helpful! And if you have anything sponsor related talk to that sponsor ASAP and come up with a way to pivot the post to current times.

Boss Babe Action

Come up with 3 new ideas that are still in line with your brand but that target your messaging, focus your energies, and bring your work in line with the time.  

5. Collaborate: If you haven’t done it in the past, now is the perrrfect time to try it! If you’re a podcaster you know what this is all about- bringing others in to share in your brand. If youre a blogger, guest blogging is a great way to a) give yourself a tiny break, b) add a new freshness and voice to your blog and c) create a break in the mundane of your normal content. It’s just the perfect time to explore what this could mean for your brand and your future! Opening doors virtually while at home is a great way to begin to look forward to the next steps.

Boss Babe Action

Find 3 bloggers or similar brands in your area to contact. Draft a quick email outlining why a collab would be great and the topics you can discuss. It’s all about reaching out right now! Are you a brand? Come up with a give away contest for the gram with several other brands that have the same audience! You all will gain more exposure and followers!

The LAST one we’ll throw in here- you’re welcome, it’s a freebie- isssss SELF-CARE! We had to say it because we believe it! If you’re stuck to your computer allll day long, you know what it feels like to be drained after having physically gone nowhere. At Toot, we reallllllly get it. Take some time to depressurize, reground yourself, and replenish. Studies show that working longer doesn’t mean working more effectively. Breaks are good and can help your work and creativity as well. Toot knows this all too well, which is why we have a whole selfie-care section just for babes like you, killin’ it at the grind but needing to unwind. winking face

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