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Try these Toot fam quarantine essentials to get you by!

Quarantine… something we all joke about when we have a bad cold or the actual flu. But who knew that one day we would ALL be locked down for months on end?! And now that we are, we're just looking for ideas on how to get by, like some quarantine essentials! We’ve all come up with new ways to keep close to people. Zoom is for more than just those drawn out work meetings now. Houseparty is our new best friend when it comes to game night. TikTok dances suddenly make sense and even your mom is making them on the daily. And if you see one more banana bread photo on Instagram, you might scream.
With all of us being in the same boat, we thought we would share our favorite apps for quarantine survival along with the TOOT goods getting us through these weird times.

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Favorite Quarantine App:  Calm - Even under normal circumstances, running your own business is stressful! But right now in particular I’ve come to love the app “Calm”. Its guided meditation helps me to recenter myself after tough days while the soothing nature sounds help me to sleep better at night!

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Mugs! Often throughout the day I feel a huge range of emotions. One moment I’m laughing and the next I want to cry! I realized that I loved pairing our mugs to my mood. Depending on my mood, I’m digging the “Fuck This Shit”, “Not Today”, or “So Many Feelings” glass mugs. I mean sure it may just be me here, but at least I can wear my heart on more than just my sleeve ;)

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Favorite Quarantine App: Masterclass - I’m always looking to better myself and learn new skills. Why not brush up on my photography skills or learn how to make the perfect meal from some of the worlds top chefs? Next stop: Master Chef. Watch out Gordon Ramsey!

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Notebooks. I love our notebooks for everything, But right now in particular I love them for documenting how I’m feeling during all of this. This is a momentous time in history and I want to be able to go back some day long after this and see what all those memories were!

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Favorite Quarantine App: Libby - I love reading, but right now I’m trying not to spend too much money on books leaving me the option of going to the library. However, since that is currently not an option… I’ve found the next best thing! Libby connects to library branches across the country.

All you need is a local library card which is usually obtainable online if you do not already have one. Just link that to Libby and you’re ready to borrow! I love that I have free access to truly every genre available.

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Multi Colored Jotters. Even when you manage a small team, there’s always A LOT going on. To help me stay organized with who’s doing what, I keep a pad on my desk and use our jotters to color cod who’s doing what. It’s a true lifesaver!

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Favorite Quarantine App: TikTok- I already had TikTok before quarantine. However, now that I’m home so much I’ve been having a ton of fun making goofy videos featuring my dog. I also love watching what other people are coming up with right now. Everyone is so creative!

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Weighted Eye Mask and Weighted Neck Wrap. After all I need to look rested if I’m going to be TikTok famous! But really, it helps me to wind down at night. I’ll heat up the neck wrap to ease the tension between my shoulders, while I freeze the weighted eye mask to de-puff my eyes! I feel pampered even though I haven’t left the house in weeks.

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Favorite Quarantine App: Houseparty - Sure everyone is using Zoom right now for virtual happy hours. But I love the app Houseparty for its built in games like Pictionary and trivia. It makes holding a virtual game night with my friends SUPER simple! Who else is ready to party?!

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Scrunchies. Let’s be real… do any of us know when we last washed our hair? I have been mastering my perfect messy bun using our adorable scrunchies.I love the little pop of color and personality they give my “do”. After all… its the little things that make a girl happy! P.S. We've included a little step by step for the perfect bun below!

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Favorite Quarantine App: Seven - Quick At Home Workouts - I already work remotely from the office, so while being home a lot is nothing new or different to me, not being able to go to a workout class at the end of the day is really hard. I love being able to fit in these quick seven minute workouts when I’m going a little bit stir crazy. They’re made for working out at home and are a great way to stay motivated!

TOOT Quarantine Must Have: Jade Stone Facial Roller - I was dabbling in self care already, but I’ve found that daily use of our facial roller has really helped with the puffiness I get from stressing out. I also love to throw it in my fridge for a chilly little pick me up. The cute “Roll With It” saying on the handle never fails to make me smile!

The Easiest Messy Bun with Scrunchies!

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To make the perfect messy bun: 1. Using a scrunchie, pull hair into ponytail. 2. Stop short of pulling all the way through. 3. Jooz and tuck in the loose ends. And Voila!
The Perfect messy bun!

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