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It is officially summer!!! WOOHOO!!! When we think of summer, our minds go to pool parties, sunscreen, and fresh, delicious fruit! Of course, we had to do a spread inspired by our cute fruit pattern, Fresh Start!

If you’re planning to journal along with us, here is a list of the supplies used for this spread:




Our cover page is the word JUNE in block letters, surrounded by doodles of the Fresh Start fruits. Each letter is 15 dots tall, with 4 dots on either side of the word. Once you’ve got the letters in June colored in, loosely outline them in their corresponding Jotter colors. 


Moving on to the calendar page, we are going with a simple square calendar. Each small square is 4 by 4 dots, with 7 boxes across and 5 boxes down. Instead of labeling the days of the week with initials, we opted for assigning each day a Fresh Start fruit!


SUN - strawberry

MON - pear

TUES - orange slice

WED - cherries

THURS - lemon slice

FRI - bananas

SAT - orange

We are using one of the boxes for our monthly goals, and the other as a “brain dump” type space. Before moving on, we added “I love you BERRY much” using the Pentel Fude Sign Pen in Violet and a Luxardo Jotter under the calendar.


If you love strawberries, this month’s mood tracker is sure to put a smile on your face! All you have to do is draw 30 strawberries, and color the strawberries in different shades of red and pink according to your mood.


You can stick to a simple red and pink theme limited to 2 moods, or you can choose an array of pink and red shades to track more specific moods.



Finally, the weekly spread is a 6 box grid. Each box is 15 dots tall and 16 dots wide, with a space between each box. The boxes have rounded corners to go along with the organic shapes of the fruits. Each box is labeled at the top with its corresponding weekday initial, and a Fresh Start fruit next to it.



That’s it! Your Fresh Start bujo spread is ready for all your big plans this month. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and TikTok using the hashtag #PlanWithToot in your spread recreations. More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial on this spread!

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