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Our Launch at National Stationary Show


After four months of non-stop work, we took a long-held idea and turned it into a brand: Talking Out of Turn. Yep, literally everything from the logo to the textile designs, to the making of the physical products, the collateral, and everything in-between was made in that short period of time. All so we could showcase our women-led small business's products at the National Stationery Show in New York City!


It was hard freaking work getting everything pulled together in time for this show...our FIRST show! And you want to know a not-so-secret secret? It... was... INCREDIBLE!

Our booth was full from doors open until after end-of-show each day. One of the biggest draws for buyers and booth visitors was our DIY pencil pouch decoration station. We wanted to have something interactive for visitors to enjoy, while being super cute and functional long after the show! (And much like our very Toot products!) We made pink and denim pouches with a simple phrase and our logo printed on the side then stuffed the craft station with hot glue guns, colorful pom poms, sparkling gems, and custom Toot patches in all shapes and sizes. It was a HUGE hit. We loved that everyone enjoyed the experience and got to take home their own custom gift from Toot!

It feels almost surreal that after months of dreaming and scheming we actually did it! We loved showcasing our cute tote bags and letter pressed cards, even baby cards! Our blush pink booth absolutely glowed and we met so many amazing retailers and brands. We came home with a full guestbook and more than a few new friends. We could not be more proud of how hard everyone on the Talking Out of Turn team worked to make this thing a reality and it was a privilege to be a part of it.

At the end of the show, our only regret was not taking more pictures! If you were there, I hope you got to come by to create a custom pouch and talk all things TOOT. If not, I hope these pictures make you feel like you were there with us. :




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