Steppin' Out With Your Mask

Now… we can’t believe we’re saying this butttttt, m
asks will be in our future for quite some time because of the Corona. We wear a mask to go anywhere: the grocery store, gas stations, Home Goods, Target, you name it… Let’s face it! Masks have now become an essential item to our wardrobes. Anddddd I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wear a plain Jane mask (that probably doesn’t match anything) with a super cute outfit that I finally get a chance to wear somewhere. It is possible to be responsible AND look cute on your next outing!

Just think, the same way that we think of the perfect shoes, bag, or jewelry to pair with our outfit… we will now also try to pair the perfect mask! If this is going to be the new normal, lets just learn to live with it and have fun with all our new accessory options!

Clueless Vibes

Wouldn’t this all be easier if we lived in the movie Clueless?!
Cher had that “Dress Me” wardrobe app that helped pick out her outfits everyday and told her when something didn’t go well together? Imagine having that now, being able to pair masks, bags, and other accessories to your outfits?!
We absolutely loved that idea, so of course we had one of our (very talented) artists make us a gif to show you just how perfect this would be!


Looks to me like Rhianna, Beyonce, and Cardi alllll have the perfect matching TOOT masks on! OKURRRRR.

Scroll down for some more cute mask+outfit inspirations!


Workouts are a must…
Fabletics neon pink set pairs perfectly with many of our masks, too!

Pictured Masks: Emotional Rollercoaster and Hot Mess Coming Through


Business Pro. From the out of town conferences, to a night on the town with your besties, you'll be officially chic in the Business Trip Tan Cropped Blazer from Lulus. Pair it with our Very Offical face mask and you’re good to go!

Pictured Mask: Very Official


Feelin’ Cute!
Pair this ADORABLE dress (or kimono - however you want to wear it) from Hazel and Olive with our Daybreak Face Mask!

Pictured Masks: Daybreak and Kindness Counts


This cute outfit from Shop Impressions could be paried with quite a few of our face masks!

Pictured Masks: Kindness Counts and Squeeze the Day


One shoulder white ribbed bodysuit - cute summer outfit inspo @shopsunhoney

Pictured Masks: Smiling is my Favorite and Formation

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Steppin' Out With Your Mask


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