Coworker Gift Guide

We spend roughly 40 hours a week and 70% of the year at our jobs. That also means we spend the majority of our time with our coworkers! While coworker relationships have varying degrees of closeness, you’re all in this job together and, let's be honest, the office wouldn’t be quite as fun without them! Share your appreciation for your work fam with some office friendly gift ideas for any occasion!
Spread the Love to Your Coworkers

Let’s make stationery cool again! Pick up a stationery set letterpressed with love in vibrant hues meant to make a statement. Odds are you know a coworker or two who work their butts off day in and day out, yet don’t always get the praise they deserve. Keep a pack of stationery on hand to write them sweet note to boost their spirits and thank them for a job well done. Then gift them a set of their own so they can pay it forward to others!

Tools of the Trade

It may not always feel like it, but you’re an artist, and like any artist, you need the right tools for the trade. The business world is your canvas, and you’re here to leave your mark. If you’re tired of always having to ask someone to borrow a stapler, or are tired of sharing your tape dispenser, it’s time to upgrade with one of our colorful desk sets. With a color coordinated stapler, tape dispenser, desk tray, and three gel pens, your desk—or your workmates'—will always be well-stocked. Plus the entire office will know whose neon coral stapler that is, no matter who may have snatched it. A fantastic holiday, birthday, or just-because gift for any of your coworkers.

Some Sass in Every Sip

Coffee makes the world go ‘round. Trust us, it’s a scientific fact (well in our office at least…). That caffeinated elixir has some sort of otherworldly magic and although we haven’t decoded the root yet, all coffee—even a 2:30 p.m. cup of been-sitting-out-since-11 a.m. coffee—deserves a lovely home. We got you! Check out our collection of funny coffee mugs and tumblers designed by artists with a quirky, funny, and often sassy message or design. Pick one up for your favorite caffeinated coworker then grab one for yourself for some daily motivation or inspiration.

Psst….Got a doodling coworker who always misplaces their favorite pen? Grab one of our colorful pencil pouches to help keep all of their tools well-organized.

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Coworker Gift Guide


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