Tools to Express Yourself at Work

In the age of startup culture, where offices serve happy hour in the conference room and theme days are standard, it can be a challenge to find the balance between being yourself while remaining professional. Sure you want to have fun with your coworkers, but you also want to be seen as the bada$$ boss that you are. But with the right tools and essentials for your workspace, you can showcase your personality while (professionally) standing out from the crowd.

Coffee First, Then Work

Getting through the morning is practically impossible without at least one (or two, or three) cups of liquid happiness: coffee. That magical bean juice is good for the soul, and if you’re like most, the day doesn’t officially start until after the first cup.

Don't limit yourself to the boring mugs available in the break room. Instead, let all of your coworkers know how fun you are with inspirational or funny coffee mugs. Seek out one (or two!) that fit your unique and shining personality and sip on some sass. So, whether you’re a “Is it Friday?” kind of person or a “You Got This” motivator, express yourself with every sip.

A Personal Note

Everyone knows that you haven’t really made it until you have a stationery set. Wait you didn’t know? Well it’s true! Harken back to the days of old when a good old handwritten note was the key to communication. Even if you aren’t one for writing people notes by hand, when you shop our endless assortment of cute stationery sets, you’ll find yourself itching to correspond. Each kit includes our colorful gel pens, a set of 6 creative letterpress cards with envelopes, and a cute pouch to help keep it all together. Whatever your personality type, enter the big leagues and say goodbye to sticky note thank you’s with a stationery set to call your own.

Carry in Color

In the corporate world, you likely see a sea of leather briefcases and basic messenger bags with each one looking just as “professional” as the last. If you’re the kind of person to color inside the lines, then there's nothing wrong with a traditional, basic bag. But are you really? No! You’re a colorful land mermaid with creativity and flair who isn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Showcase that personality with unique, reusable tote bags to get your stuff from A to B in effortless style. The best part? These cute tote bags, and colorful pencil pouches are made to last, with quality materials that will hold it together, even when you can’t.

Doodles with Attitude

Our go-to trick for getting through conference call after call? Doodling with our colorful jotter pens of course! Doodles make the time zip by, and colorful gel pens are a must. Sure, your office is probably stocked to the brim with bulk plain ballpoint pens, but as a serious doodler and note taker, you need something with a touch more charisma. With a super fine tip and smooth writing gel ink, these remain one of our favorite pens of all time. Plus our pens come chock full of motivation with cute messages like  “Creative Genius,” “All I Do Is Win,” and “It’s All Good” to keep you smiling and productive throughout the day. Even when actually doing work. Go get ‘em girl!

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Tools to Express Yourself at Work


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