Week in Review

Hey everybody! How has y’alls week been?! Here at TOOT we’ve been wanting to do a “Week In Review” type post for a while now. And well, what better time than during a nationwide pandemic leading right into a 3-day Fourth of July weekend to talk about all of the things we entertain ourselves with during the week!
So right off the bat, let's start with what we’re watching around the office! Cause lord knows we need some TV inspo!

Shows we're loving:



" I’m currently loving Mrs. America on FX on Hulu. Its got an insane cast featuring Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne. I like that it shows both sides to an interesting time during the Women’s Rights movement. From a more fun standpoint the soundtrack is a killer selection of classic hits and the wardrobe is to die for."

Cate Blanchett in Mrs. America



" So I just started Dead To Me Season 1 on Netflix last night and watched 7 episodes in a row. Linda Cardellini is amazing in general. (Freaks and Geeks is my all time fave) Murder and drama, just hooked! I really relate to the dark comedy and cynicism! Also, I love that it keeps me thoroughly stressed."

Dead to Me Season 1



" I’m a sucker for Chef’s Table on Netflix. I love that this season is all about French chefs. Their cooking lends itself so perfectly to how Chef’s Table is filmed. It's just always such a visual feast for the eyes. Only problem is that not only am I starving at the end of each episode, none of these spots are near me!"

Chef's table France



" So I have two shows I’m currently obsessed with. The first has been around a hot minute but its never been more relevant and thats Madam Secretary on CBS(also CBS All Access). I just found it myself and I’m obsessed. How can you not love a woman with some power! My second obsession is Working Moms on Netflix. Its a Canadian comedy and even though I’m not a mom I just love how raw it is. One minute you’re laughing and the next you’re crying alongside these women. The cast is just so perfect."

Catherine Reitman in Working Moms

Podcasts to try:
If you’re like us… even if you’re WFH you probably find listening to podcasts throughout the day helpful. Here’s a couple to try:


How I Built This-NPR: A great entrepreneurial podcast, this show has featured everyone from Richard Branson of Virgin to Ali Webb founder of Dry Bar. We find it keeps us motivated through these crazy times.


Small Town Dicks: Yeah… It sounds a little shifty we know… but if you’re a true crime junky you need to add this to your list STAT. Featuring Yardley Smith (yes… if you are a Simpsons fan she is the voice of Lisa Simpson) and two identical twin detectives Dan and Dave who are indeed “Small Town Dicks”. Its one of the best true crime podcasts we’ve listened to in a while!

Things We’re Pinning:
Who else is way into Pinterest again? We’ve always loved it here for work but even in our personal lives we’ve become pinning junkies and our very own Carrie took a pin about Focaccia art and made her own! Here's one we found on Pinterest from Taste of Home! Carrie swears hers came out looking juuuuust like this one ;)


What are you all loving right now? Tell us! We wanna hear!

Share a pic with us at @talkingoutofturn or use any of our hashtags to get our attention! #toot #talkingoutofturn #tootinthewild <--- Use these with one of your cute Toot products and you'll get your very own photo featured on our site! Have a GREAT 3 day weekend!

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