5 Cute & Simple Summer Hairstyles

Summertime is finally here, ladies! And with its arrival we often find ourselves struggling to find cute and stylish means to keep our locks out of the way during the summer months. Trust us!! We know the feeling of sitting in front of a mirror and becoming SO frustrated when our hair isn’t doing what we need it to do. We might have wanted to cancel plans a time or two because of it! #dramatic To help you out, we rounded up some of our go-to looks for days spent in the water and nights out on the town!

French Braids






One of our personal favorites for a day at the beach, lake, or pool. Simple and oh so cute whether you have two braids or one. The best part about french braids is that your hair will look flawless for those insta pics even after you jump off a dock! Add some Toot Scrunchies that match your swimmy to the ends of your braids and you got yourself a look, girl!





Messy Bun




The go-to. The one that never lets anyone down. Around here, we love a good messy bun. We know it takes time to master the perfect one. There is no time like quarantine to practice and perfect your skill. If you are feeling a little extra pop on a cute headband!



Pony Tail

Now we know what you’re thinking… a ponytail is soooo…basic. BUT they don’t have to be. Hair scarfs are all the rage right now! Slick your hair back like your favorite Kardashian and put that ponytail right on top of your pretty little head. Add a bit (or a lot if you’re a Texas girl like most of us here at Toot) of volume by teasing the pony. Tie up your fav scarf and hit the town.
If you’re going for a more sophisticated look try making it a bubble ponytail!

Fishtail Braids





We know how hard it is to find the motivation to wash and dry your hair every. single. day. That is why we are so obsessed with braids. Much like french braids, fishtail braids are equally as cute and, we always receive sooo many compliments. We will share a little secret but keep it between us (we can make our braids last at least 3 days. 4 if we’re pushing it ;))




Half-Up Top Knot

There is nothing worse than hair washing days not lining up with last-minute plans. No worries, girl! The half-up top knot has come in handy for us numerous times. Grab a scrunchie, your favorite dry shampoo, and pull half of your hair into a bun. Style the bottom half of your hair with a straightener or curling wand! The options are endless with this look.




Oh and don't forget to complete your look with our scrunchies! Not only are they adorable but they're the most comfortable scrunchies ever!




Do you have a go-to summer hairstyle? Share it with us in the comment section below! If you don’t try out one of ours and tag us @talkingoutofturn on Instagram!

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5 Cute & Simple Summer Hairstyles


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