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schlep: /SHlep/verb: to haul or carry
Schlepping your things just got a whole lot cuter. It’s no secret that there’s one (or five) self-proclaimed bag ladies on the Toot team. On any given day we may have between three to six different totes in hand. Thankfully whether we’re running errands or hauling our files to the office, we’re doing it in style with a cute tote bag from Toot! While we don’t want to pick favorites (mostly because our favorites change from week to week!) we’re sharing a few of our go-to bags for schlepping in style.

Twist & Shout: Cat Lady

Calling all cat ladies! For many of us, our cats provide a special kind of support that humans just can’t match. Some might call us crazy cat ladies, but they just don’t get it. Wear your love for your feline friends on one of our favorite reusable tote bags; Twist & Shout in Cat Lady. The pink on pink color scheme definitely turns some heads, and the bag, of course, features creative illustrations of a variety of different cats. Rumor has it that one or two of those kitties was even modeled after our graphic designer’s own kitties…Whether you're going to the office, the grocery store, or the beach, enjoy some feline company with this bag.

Daily Grind Tote: So Many Feelings

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like you’re experiencing every single emotion all at once? Yeah, we’ve all been there, and the world needs to know about it! Because #feelyourfeelings. Our beach wash denim Daily Grind Tote is one of our staff favorites. In addition to the cute banner on the front, this bag is the perfect size for all your daily essentials and the beachwash denim goes with practically any outfit. So wear your heart on your sleeve, and your feelings on your cute tote bag.
Psst! We even have a matching print on our cute stationary and a clear coffee mug! So you can feel your feelings AND share them with others. Aww...

Darling Duffel Tote: Canvas Stripes

Duffel bags can get a bad rap for being overly bulking and boring, so we decided to change the game with our Darling Duffel Tote. This barrel-bodied, canvas tote is available in three cute striped colors and is the perfect size for any trip to the gym, day at the beach, or overnight at a friend’s house. While simple in design, the effortlessly functional Darling Duffel Tote will be your new travel buddy for the year. Also available in Vegan Leather with fun and colorful prints!

Miss Chill Cooler Bag: Daybreak

Get ready to bring the fun with our favorite social tote, our lightweight cooler bags! This leak-proof bag can hold up to 12 cans and its durable construction means the cold ice and your beverages and snacks stay cool and contained. Now available in two sizes, we gave you more ways to play, sip, and snack with the Ice Queen cooler bag for even bigger fun. While all the prints are sure to make a statement, Buds remains one of our team faves. The best part? You can find the print across other cute tote bags, zippered pencil pouches, and travel bags to mix and match!

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