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The Yellow Conference is an annual event hosted by Joanna Waterfall, founder of Yellow Co. The entire drive of Yellow Co. is to build connections and provide empowerment and inspiration to creative women who want to make a difference in the world. This conference is an insane two-day whirlwind. With so many intelligent, creative, and passionate women in one place, it's hard not to find inspiration to be and be better just by walking in the door!

It was at this conference in 2015 that two of our team members - founder Melissa, and project manager Pepper - first met. What started out as two passionate and hard working people meeting at a conference far from home led to us turning our dreams into a reality!

Melissa has dreamed of creating a company like Toot for years; longer than I have even known her! This dream had been brewing and waiting until the right time came to make it a reality.

It was at the foot of this staircase that two paths would intersect and the timing would start to line up. All it took was two likeminded people starting a conversation that grew into a friendship bound to shake things up.

You never know when those everyday moments might lead you somewhere unexpectedly great. The only way to prepare for the unknown is by continuing to hustle, paying attention, and keeping an open mind. Oh and not being afraid to talk to strangers...

There wasn't necessarily a single moment from the conference that led to the birth of Toot. When is it ever that straightforward, right?! It was more a team beginning to form a team that would be willing to do what it took to make Toot happen.

Fast forward a good two and a half years after that particular Yellow Conference to Toot's conception and we hit the ground running. Sprinting! If you've heard the rest of our story, then you know that we then started and launched Toot in the course of five months. Once we decided that the time right, we put every single thing we had into launching our brand. And it's been nonstop ever since!

We could not have known what was ahead of us. (I couldn't have imagined it, at least!) We can't be sure where we will even go from here, but I for one can't wait to see what might be next.

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