4 Lunches For You Busy Bees

Winter can be so gloomy. The grey skies and the chilly weather can make it feel like it’s been months since you’ve seen the sun. One of our favorite ways to bring sunshine into our lives during the winter is through flavorful meals! But, if you and your friends are a hive of busy bees like we are, planning nutritious and colorful meals can get hard! Spring is just around the corner, so here’s some of our favorite Winter meals to inspire you through this final push of cold weather. Since we’re such busy gals we love that our totes can double as a handy lunch bag!


How about a crunchy twist on the classic BLT? This recipe is simple, easy and sure to bring some summer vibes along with it. Skinny Taste takes your favorite sandwich and delivers it in a new, fun way with none of those carbs! Make sure to toss in some fresh avocado with it, too, because why not?! And don't forget to add on some dressing, too! We recommend throwing it into the uber cute Twist & Shout tote!


Pairs nicely with:

Probably the Toot staff's #1 pick for a lunch tote- it's the Twist & Shout! As light as your lettuce wrap, this baby will fold out of its pocket to hold your goodies. Throw in your lunch, bunny-ear tie it, and throw it in the fridge til it's time to nosh. We promise it'll be the cutest tote in the fridge.


Winter salad, anyone? We’re big fans of kale salad around here. With all the added fruits, veggies and nuts it makes the salad really filling and bursting with flavor! One of the best things about this salad is if you don’t like something, you don’t have to add it! Spend With Pennies has tons of recipes that are full of flavor and easy on the Penny Key Ring. Have fun making this salad, stick it in a perfectly sized container and set it inside a Soulmate.

Pairs nicely with:
It might surprise you, but the Soulmate Pouch is actually the perfect size for lunch! The handle makes it so easy to carry throughout your busy day. Lay out your salad, utensils, lil extra dessert (we won't tell) and you're good to go! It holds all that and a bag of chips.


One of the easiest (and possibly tastiest) lunches are winter bowls! All you have to do is toss in your ingredients and grab your favorite dressing. It’s a really simple way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies in without making a big deal of it. You’re a busy lady! You need your lunches portable and nutritious! Kayla Itsines is the queen of easy, fresh ingredient recipes. After you’ve got your lunch ready to go, pop your yummy winter bowl in a Dumpling bag and you’re good to go! Go get ‘em!! 

Pairs nicely with:

Despite it's cute name, this tote isn't just for your dumplings (unless that's your lunch for the day...)! It's got an open, perfect-to-reach-into top, and a super convenient shorter handle. Throw your all your snacks and more into the Dumpling and you'll never go hungry again*!
*Until you eat all your snacks and it's time to fill er' back up!


Sometimes you just need something warm and cozy, and here’s where Averie Cooks' chicken noodle soup recipe comes in handy. It takes a little more prep time, but it’s perfect to make in big batches and eat throughout the week. While you’re chopping up those carrots give your mama a call and see if she’ll share that secret ingredient with you! Once it’s done, scoop it into a sealed container and set it inside a Lil’ Miss Sunshine tote. And don’t forget your spoon!

Pairs nicely with:

Ah, the Lil' Miss Sunshine! She’ll keep your soup safe and sound, along with your napkin and crackers. She's got a zipper to keep everything nice and snug just like that hot soup you're about to devour. This tote will make you giddy to pull out at the cafeteria table with your co-workers. Channel your inner-kid days of comparing lunchboxes with the Lil' Miss Sunshine!


We can't wait for you to try out these lunches, and pick the perfect tote to go with it! The only question...which one to try first!?


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4 Lunches For You Busy Bees


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