Ten Glamping Essentials

There’s no better time than the Fall to set off in search of new adventures and experiences. The cool sunny days followed by chilly autumn nights make us want to unplug from the daily grind, pack up a few cute tote bags with nothing but the essentials and become one with nature. However, with unpredictable weather and the potential inaccessibility of certain amenities, heading to the woods to pitch a tent may not always be the best option for optimal relaxation. Well whether your looking to explore the nearby hot springs or enjoy the autumn scenery with some small town travel, there's no better way to enjoy nature, comfortably.

Enter glamping! While you may be familiar with the term, glamping or glamorous/luxury camping, has evolved into a spectrum of potential experiences. What was once referred to as simply camping with an air mattress, glamping today can be as low-key as a safari tent in the desert or as extravagant as the Four Season’s Golden Triangle luxury tented camp in Thailand. (Yes it is real. Yes you get to play with rescued elephants. Yes it is absolutely on our bucket list!)

Glamping can be a great way to experience the wonder of nature, without sacrificing all of those creature comforts. We discovered this vintage Airstream trailer located in Texas Hill Country on Airbnb. This adorable hideaway took care of all of our basic needs while getting us out of the city and into a relaxing state of mind. Plus it was pet friendly, so the fur babies got to tag along! A quick google search also found available yurts, teepees, restored trailers, safari tents and more both near and far. You can even DIY your glamping experience with the gear you already have. Just make sure to include these essentials to take your experience from rugged to luxurious.

Snacks &

No trip to the great outdoors-or airstream trailer- is complete without a solid supply of snacks & drinks! Keep your drinks chilled and your treats secure in a cute and lightweight cooler bag! Our Miss Chill cooler bags store up to 12 cans cool or bring it along for a post-hiking picnic lunch in the wild.

Cute Can

Our colorful can coolers put the FUN in functional. Keep those drinks cool and sippable while lounging by your campsite, taking an afternoon hike, or cooling off at the lake. But the real reason these cuties are one of our favorites? Because everyone gets their own style, so no more mixing up drinks!

Bluetooth Speaker

Bonus points if it’s waterproof! Pump up the jams indoors and out with this perfectly portable and water resistant speaker. Because while we’re enjoying nature, we’re still trying to low-key party…


If we had to choose one bag to bring with us, this large toiletries case just might be it. Surprisingly spacious, this is our go-to for packing up everything from makeup & toiletries, to snacks, to a 6-pack of drinks.

Phone Charger

While we definitely advocate for unplugging and living off the grid, we also understand that documenting the glamping experience is a must. Throw a portable power bank into your bag and you’ll never miss a pic while exploring new territory.


Your Favorite

Even when glamping, makeup is the last thing on our minds...but no experience would be complete without your favorite toiletries to keep you feeling pampered and at home. Add some luxe to your getaway with sumptuous skincare products that will have you returning home feeling refreshed, relaxed and hydrated. #SelfCareOnTheGo

Twist & Shout

Small, medium or large, you cannot go wrong with this lightweight reusable tote (or three) while exploring the wild. Super durable and machine washable, these babies are easy to pack and handy in so many ways. Haul your groceries to your campsite, get sandy at the beach, throw your dirty laundry in, then give it a wash when you get home.

A Super Stylish

If you don’t take a cute pic bundled up by the campfire, did you even camp? Don’t forget to bring along a super comfy and stylishly hipster blanket. It will keep you cozy at night and packs up easy for taking on location. Looks super hip in all those glamping vacay pics.

Morning Cup
of Happy

Whether your am ritual includes coffee or tea, your glamping experience is not complete without one of your go-to funny coffee mugs, a bag of your favorite beans (or tea leaves!) and a portable French Press to get the job done. Whether your morning cup is filled with coffee or tea, you’ll feel right at home in no time with your morning ritual on lock.

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Ten Glamping Essentials


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